“They put cardboard in here,” Man furious with shoddy repair job on classic car

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TUCSON, Ariz. – The owner of a classic car in Arizona took a body shop to court after he says he was ripped off.

Randall Throp says he knew his 1954 Buick was a fixer upper when he purchased it.

However, those imperfections were supposed to be fixed when he dropped his car off at a bodyshop in town.


“And I did not get what I paid for at all,” he said.

Throp says he paid the shop to cut out the rusted metal, weld new metal and fill the holes in the body of the car.

cardboard repair

“Instead, all that I got was a coat of bondo over all the imperfections,” Throp told KVOA. “Here’s where there was a big hole in the fender and they put cardboard in here, then put fiberglass sheet and then bondo’d over the top of that to pass that off as a fender repair.”

Throp filed a lawsuit against Moses Heredia, of Dave’s Customs, and won.

However, he has not seen any money from the judgement.