Watch: Subway station singer belts soulful tune

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NEW YORK — “Who is this man?”

That’s what everyone thinks after they hear this man sing “A Change Gonna Come” in a subway station.

“No smoke , no lights , just a soulful voice telling a story with a guitar !! Perfect because you can actually feel these genuine words ! Respect for the lost art,” one Facebooker wrote.

“Man this man is good! Wish I knew who he was! He needs to go on a singing show or something!! I keep playing it over and over!” another commenter wrote.

The man’s soulful soul and talent will give you chills, but the guitarist shouldn’t go unnoticed.

“Everyone only noticed the guy singing. But the musician on them strings is bad ass. Both them boys need to be discovered,” a commenter wrote.

The video was shared on Nov. 4 and has been shared nearly 100,000 times.