800-pound alligator found in Texas parking lot

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SUGAR LAND, Texas – A massive alligator was released at a farm Monday after being found in a Texas parking lot over the weekend.

The alligator, who is nicknamed Godzilla, was discovered by workers at nearby businesses spotted the gator roaming through the parking lot.

“When I started looking at him closer, I noticed he was completely blind in one eye and his other was cloudy,” said Christy Kroboth, who catches alligators. “So he may be able to see shadows.”

She believes the big guy got turned around and was likely lost.

Kroboth and her partner were able to capture the 12-foot, 800-pound gator.

“He is beautiful. I thought he was awesome,” she told KPRC.

She added that Godzilla is likely around 50-years-old.

Kroboth said the alligator was released  when the alligator farm opened on Monday.

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