Fast food employee taunts homeless man with food, humiliates him

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Warning: Inappropriate language. Viewer discretion is advised.

A fast food employee is being reprimanded for a video that was recently posted to Facebook.

In the video, the employee invites someone to the drive-thru window. It takes some reassurance, but when he puts food out the window, another man, who appears to be homeless, comes into view.

When the transient gets close to the window, the employee pulls the food back and tosses a drink all over him.

Shocked and dismayed, the man stands drenched next to the car in the drive-thru as the man recording starts yelling “World Star!”

“Go home, man!” the employee says as the man starts walking away.

The video was posted on Nov. 8 and has more than 1.8 million views.

While the people in the video are laughing, the overwhelming consensus is that viewers are disgusted by the employee’s actions.

No word yet on if any action has been taken against that employee.

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