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“I feel good,” Oldest living WWII veteran talks about his long life

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LAKE CHARLES, La. – One of the oldest living World War II veterans will celebrate his 110th birthday this week.

Frank Levingston turns 110 Friday, Nov. 13.

“I feel good,” Levingston told KPLC.

Born in 1905, Frank Levingston grew up in North Louisiana. He was one of seven children. He still remembers the day he was inducted into the Army.

“I can remember the day I was inducted in the Army until the day I was discharged,” said Levingston. “I’ve been through so many dangerous things and I’m still here. I’m thankful to the almighty God for it. That’s all I can say.”

Levingston’s friend, Pamela Gobert, says he is a very wise man.

“He’s always got a kind word and he lets me know that sometimes it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish,” Gobert said of Levingston. “Not as me a blessing to him, but him as a blessing to me because that’s all he’s every been. He taught me about life.”

At almost 110, he doesn’t go a day without being thankful for his long life.

“I think I’m one of the blessed ones,” said Levingston.

Gobert says Levingston always knew he would live to be 110.

“One time we were at Memorial and a young lady asked him ‘Mr. Frank how old are you going to live?’ and he said ‘110.’ That’s what he said,” remembers Gobert.