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Police: Single father dies trying to protect children from gunfire

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BALTIMORE, Md. – Baltimore officers say they are outraged following the murder of a young father who was known for “doing all the right things.”

Kendal Fenwick was a 24-year-old community activist and truck driver, who was working to rid the community of drugs and violence.

“It takes a special, cowardly, insecure little punk to do what happened here last evening, to flat out execute a 24-year-old young man who is raising, by himself, three children in this home, who’s doing everything he can to eradicate the community of drugs, to include putting up a fence by his own hands in his yard,” Police Commissioner Kevin Davis told WBAL.

The single father of three stepped out of his home on Monday evening to get something from his car when someone opened fire.

Investigators believe Fenwick did not head for his front door, but instead ran away from his house.

They say his three young children were inside at the time of the shooting, and Fenwick was likely trying to draw the fire as far away from them as possible.

“He wanted to protect his children, is what we believe. And again, that’s what makes this even more egregious,” said Director T.J. Smith, with the Baltimore Police Department.

Neighbors say Fenwick was never involved in criminal activity and are shocked by his murder.

“He always was with his children and his family,” said Tamyra Garris. “He was really a family oriented guy. I never seen nobody trying to run him down or hurt him. That’s what I’m saying, so when I get the phone call he got killed, I was hoping it was a mistake.”

Fenwick’s murder is the 295th homicide in Baltimore this year.