Retirement center gives insightful “virtual dementia” tours

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EDMOND, Okla -- Mary Sue Brown has good days and bad. The 84 year old was diagnosed with dementia about five years ago.

Her husband, Gordon Brown, said, "When she's holding that grand baby she's in 7th heaven, really comes alive."

In hopes of better understanding the mind altering disease, Gordon and his daughter, Michelle, took a "virtual dementia tour" at Touchmark Retirement Community in Edmond.

They are equipped with special goggles, head sets and other sensory altering gear.

Their five minute journey is eye-opening and heartbreaking.

Michelle Robnett said, "To see it all come together in that situation was a little overwhelming."

It is a brief window into the world of Alzheimer's.

There is no knowing, for certain, what loved ones with Alzheimer's endure everyday. Perhaps the best medicine is a healthy dose of kindness and compassion.

Touchmark Executive Director, Melissa Mahaffey, said, "It's really hard to see mom or dad go down in terms of their abilities, so we must be mindful that these changes are going to occur. Everyone ages. Be sensitive. Be compassionate and get help."

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