Veterans protest, drop empty pill bottles in front of White House

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WASHINGTON D.C. — Servicemen and women dropped off empty pill bottles in front of the White House on Wednesday, calling on the president and other federal officials to make medical marijuana accessible to veterans.

The demonstration was meant to prove how over-medicated veterans are.

“Here’s what the over-medication of our veterans looks like,” they said as they spilled the canisters onto the floor. “We don’t want it.”

According to the Washington Post, veterans, along with protesters from marijuana advocacy organizations, argued that Veterans Affairs offices are giving vets too many ‘psychoactive medications’ to treat PTSD.

Jose Martinez, 27, stepped on a bomb in Afghanistan. He became a triple amputee with a debilitating pain pill addiction after he was prescribed a cocktail to ease his pain.

“There’s something seriously wrong going on. It’s disgusting,” Martinez said.

Working with ‘Weed for Warriors,’ he’s since kicked the pills and regularly uses marijuana.

Along with a large pile of empty pill bottles in front of the White House, 22 small American flags were placed at McPherson Square.

Each flag was meant to represent one of the 22 veterans that statistically commit suicide each day.

At the park, cannabis products were sold, samples were given away, and pictures of veterans smoking weed were taken.

“Here on Veterans Day, we have to acknowledge that this change has to happen,” said 31-year-old veteran Brandon Wyatt.

The Washington Post says the group is circulating a petition to President Obama and the Senate with hopes of building support for the Veterans Equal Access Amendment.

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