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Lexington man found guilty of killing Moore teen

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OKLAHOMA -- The jury deliberated in the murder trial of Cody Delano and found him guilty. He's accused of killing 14-year-old Railena Rhodes in a drive-by shooting. The jury recommended life in prison.

Delano did not take the stand in his own defense Monday.

Now his fate is in the hands of 12 men and women.

In November 2014, several people had gathered for a party at Railena’s home.

She was inside when the bullets started flying from a passing car.

Prosecutors say Delano fired a semi-automatic rifle from his car into the home.

Although there was a house full of people, Railena was the only person who was shot. She was hit in the neck and died from a single gunshot wound.

Prosecutors say Delano was angry because someone hit on his girlfriend at Railena's house. He left and allegedly came back with guns and other friends in his car. A big part of the case hinges on the testimony of one of Delano's friends, who was with him that night, and testified Delano fired five or six rounds from his rifle through the window.

Delano's attorney said the evidence isn't there to convict the 19-year-old of murder. Only 3 witnesses testified for the defense, and Delano did not take the stand. Another man charged in the crime pleaded the 5th.

In closing arguments Monday, prosecutors hammered home the evidence again, pointing to the gun allegedly used to kill Railena. It was Delano's.

They also reminded the jury about the cell phone records that put Delano in the area of the crime.

"It's not easy to sit there and see somebody who is able to interact with their family and act as if it’s not a big deal when you’re missing such a big part of yours," Desiree Woodruff, Rhodes' sister-in-law, said.

That’s what Railena’s family has to say about Delano as they've sat and watched the trial against their loved one’s accused killer.