Officials: Two terror suspects killed during raid in France

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SAINT-DENIS, France – Law enforcement agencies across France have been on high alert following a deadly terrorist attack that targeted several locations around Paris last week.

In all, 129 people were killed and hundreds of others were wounded in calculated attacks on a restaurant, concert hall and bombings outside a packed sports stadium.

Seven attackers were killed, but the suspected mastermind behind the plot was believed to have escaped.

Western intelligence agencies had attempted to track Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian citizen thought to be in Syria, before the attacks but they weren’t able to locate him, the source told CNN on Tuesday.

Abaaoud had been implicated in the planning of a number of terrorist attacks and conspiracies in Western Europe before the Paris attacks.

Phone surveillance led authorities to believe that Abaaoud may have been hiding in an apartment in Saint-Denis following the attacks last Friday.

During Wednesday’s raid, an elite team of officers raided the apartment building.

Witnesses reported hearing heavy gunfire for several hours.

A woman detonated a suicide vest as the apartment was stormed, according to officials.

A second person died, but it was not immediately clear how they were injured. French media reports the second person was shot by a sniper.

Seven arrests were made, including three from inside the apartment.

According to NBC News, five police officers and a passerby were injured during the raid and a police dog was killed.

It was not immediately clear if Abaaoud was among those arrested during the raid.

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