Teachers find out how their students really feel about them

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We’ve all had that one teacher who greatly impacted our lives and positively shaped us into the person we are today.

A group of people participated in what they thought was an interview about their favorite teacher.

“I was kind of lost without her,” one man said in his interview.

“She was just so good at what she did and instilled that confidence in me,” one woman said.

“Encouraged me to be myself. It sounds cheesy, but,” another interviewer chuckled.

What they didn’t know, was that the educators who had so greatly impacted their lives could hear every word they were saying.

As the teachers come from behind the curtains, tears and tight embraces commence.

“You have no idea how I needed to hear those words,” one of the teachers whispers through her tears.

“Sometimes you just don’t feel like you’re making an impact, and to be told that you have, that’s what I needed to hear,” another teacher said.

If you had the chance to say something to your favorite teacher, what would you say?

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