“Don’t kill me in front of my kids,” Father’s last words haunt son who witnessed his murder

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Ten years after a horrific double-murder, witnesses still remember a doomed man's final plea.

Kenneth Spivey was hanging out with friends at his home when men, who seemed like they knew him, pulled out a gun and demanded money.

"They just pulled out their guns and asked Kenneth for the money and that was it. They shot him and they ran out of the house," Erica Jones, Spivey's girlfriend and mother of his children, told FOX 59. "To this day, we really haven't gotten too many answers to it."

The men killed Kenneth and his friend, Ronald Dillard.

However, they weren't the only ones in the house that night.

Spivey's 6-year-old son, Kenneth, and his daughter, 2-year-old Kennedy, watched the murder of their father.

Kenneth put shoes on his little sister and took her across the street to a relative's house to get help.

"The man has been shot," a 911 caller said. "We live across the street. His kids came and told us. His kids are six and two. The kids said they left."

Jones says Spivey's last words still haunt her son, who is a teenager now.

"Don't kill me in front of my kids, man. Not in front of my kids."