Auto burglars go high tech to steal your Christmas

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Our cars are more advanced than ever before, but that technology could make your car a high-tech target.

Most of us now lock our vehicles with those electronic key fobs but the car thief community has risen to the challenge.

"As technology advances, we see more sophisticated ways for them to make entry in automobiles," MSgt. Gary Knight, with theĀ Oklahoma City Police Department, said.

Slim jims and rocks are being replaced with signal blockers or frequency jammers.

Karen Livingston had her car burglarized.

"That obviously must have happened. They didn't break any windows. There's no damage to the vehicle," she said.

As we embark on the Christmas shopping season, thieves, armed with technology, may be watching you too.

"Just do whatever you can to make the thief want to move to the next vehicle,"Knight said.

We will show you how crooks are getting into your car quickly and quietly. And, what you can do to protect your property tonight at 10 p.m. on News Channel 4.

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