“He’s my companion,” Pit bull stabbed protecting homeowner from armed burglars

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Two years ago, Aubrey Christopher found a homeless pit bull roaming the streets and decided to take him in.

“He took to me and I took to him,” Christopher told KMOV.

He named the dog ‘Blue’ and they quickly became inseparable.

He sleeps in Christopher’s bed and has even made friends with the neighbors.

“I love pit bulls. They’re great dogs,” Cory Morrison, Christopher’s neighbor, says.

On Thursday night, two men tried to break into Christopher’s home but didn’t get very far.

“He just flew out of the bed and rushed to the door,” he said.

Christopher says the men, who were armed with knives and guns, attacked him on his porch.

He was able to get away and ran to get his own weapon.

When he went back outside, the men were gone and Blue was standing watch.

“He wouldn’t attack unless someone was threatening me,” he said.

Neighbors reported seeing the attackers jumping over Christopher’s fence and running as fast as they could.

“They were just shooting over that fence,” Morrison said.

Blue didn’t escape the attack uninjured. He was stabbed twice in the neck, but is expected to make a full recovery.

“He’s my companion. He’s my everything. I love him to death,” Christopher said.

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