“There was nothing that I could do. He was a police officer,” Seventh accuser testifies in Holtzclaw trial

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Week four in the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw brought yet another accuser to the stand, the seventh alleged victim to testify so far.

The woman told the jury that, in the spring of last year, she was pulled over by Holtzclaw one evening.

She admitted to drinking and smoking crack cocaine before the traffic stop.

In her testimony, the woman said Holtzclaw told her to pull her pants and underwear down during a search.

Following the search, she said Holtzclaw allowed her to drive her car to a nearby relative's home then told her he was taking her to "detox."

The woman testified Holtzclaw drove her a brief distance before stopping and raping her in the backseat of his patrol car.

She said Holtzclaw later drove away, leaving the alleged victim behind.

"I knew that it was going to be a sexual assault," said the woman. "There was nothing that I could do. He was a police officer."

Defense attorneys discussed the woman's history of alcoholism, robberies and drug use.

Attorney Scott Adams pointed out that, despite the woman's detailed memory of the alleged assault, she was unable to remember exactly when it happened or how Holtzclaw's car arrived at the location.

Much of the afternoon focused on GPS evidence provided by the state, which showed the assault would have taken place in five minutes or less.

As the weeks pass by, interest in the case has spread to city council.

John Pettis Jr. is the councilman for Oklahoma City's Seventh Ward, the area where the thirteen women claim they were attacked.

Pettis has attended the trial on a number of days.

"I am here in support of the victims," Pettis said. "My heart was heavy for the victims. My heart was heavy for the city."

Late Monday, an eight victim took the stand, testifying she was assaulted outside of an abandoned school.

Stick with NewsChannel 4 for more on her testimony and continued coverage throughout the case.

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