“He’s very brazen,” Minco residents on alert after man allegedly seen snatching dogs

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GRADY COUNTY, Okla. -- The search is on for a man seen driving around Grady County with a large cage in the back of his truck.

He’s allegedly snatching dogs off the streets and even out of people’s backyards.

About 40 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, a unique kind of thief has Minco residents downright angry.

“I hope he gets caught and serves time because dogs are like these people’s children, a lot of them,” Larry Hendrix said.

Hendrix owns the BBQ Barn on Highway 81 where all the buzz says the man is responsible for snatching up dogs all over town.

“We’ve got all the problems small towns have, this, that, and the other.  We’ve never had anybody do anything like this,” Hendrix said.

Police say the man, described as a white man with a gray beard, has been seen driving a 2004 green Chevy extended cab pickup with wire cages in the truck bed, and he claims he’s the Grady County Animal Control Officer.

The problem with that story is, there is this: Grady County doesn't have an animal control officer.

“We have a leash law, most people do keep them in their pens, in the backyard or something like that, but my understanding is he’s just going into backyards and getting them. He’s very brazen,” Hendrix said.

Some homeowners are now only letting their pets out when they can be outside with them.

Police are warning residents to keep an eye out for the alleged thief.

They’re concerned, not only because he’s impersonating a county official, they also think he may be using the pups for dog fighting.

“He’ll get caught one of these days. Somebody will find him,” Hendrix said.

Anyone with information on the crime should call Minco Police or the Grady County Sheriff’s Office.

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