Cleanup continues in El Reno after icy storm leaves damage, displaced residents

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EL RENO, Okla. -- It’s going to be a busy and tough week ahead for the City of El Reno, hit hard by the holiday weekend’s icy storm.

You can't go far without seeing the damage, like a car trapped under ice-covered broken tree branches.

Many folks our crews talked to have high hopes they'll recover soon.

"There's a lot of tree damage, it's really sad," said Wesley Moore.

Wesley Moore has lived in El Reno all of his life. He said it's upsetting to see his community covered in ice, and he feels for the residents left without power.

"It's pretty cold and uncomfortable. You know, if you don't have television or internet nowadays, you're lost," said Moore.

He's helping clean up a family member's house that was damaged by the storm.

"We're trying to get some limbs and stuff off the house, and the power lines back there that feeds the house, they're lying on the ground," said Moore.

City crews could be seen working hard trying to restore power for the thousands of customers left in the dark.

A shelter has been set up at the Jenks Simmons Field House, where the Red Cross is helping displaced families with food, clothes and shelter.

"That is what we do. We keep them safe and warm and make them feel at home as much as we can," said Olivia Dennard, Red Cross Shelter Manager.

"I'm glad that we have this place to come to stay warm, somewhere that we can feed our kids and have them a warm bed at night. It's not the ideal situation, but it's a lot better than sitting at home freezing,"
said Viola Snyder.

It's a temporary place to stay until they have power again, hopefully sooner than later.

"We're a pretty tough community around here, but we'll come back better and stronger," said Moore.

The City of El Reno is asking residents to bring any broken tree branches to a drop site that has been set up at the corner of Country Club and Forman.

City crews will continue to pick up all limbs in the street.

Once that’s complete, they will move all limbs left on the curbs.