Freezing in the dark, Oklahomans are trying to be patient

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The power is still out for tens of thousands of Oklahomans.

Many are now tasked with cleaning up tree limbs in their yard while crews work to restore their power. Unfortunately, for some, that may take a couple more days.

While the ice is gone, the mess left behind is massive.

Heather Davis, who lost power Friday night, said, “You keep thinking, Oh, it's going to come on. It's going to come on.”

But for her, and others in the Belle Isle neighborhood, hope was fading by Monday morning.

Davis said, “Hats, gloves, that's hard to sleep like that. I've been sleeping in a coat.”

Kathleene O’Shea, with OG&E, said, “We get customers on, but at the same time, other customers are coming off (power). That's just how an ice storm works.”

It's storms like this which bring many to ask why power companies don't just bury the lines.

“It's not a bad idea, it's just not a very feasible one, especially when customers would have to pay for those lines to be buried,” O’Shea said.

O'Shea says the cost would be outrageous.

She also points out, “That does not mean you are not going to have outages.”

Substations and transmission lines can't be buried, so outages would still happen.

OG&E says they have about 1,200 workers out trying to get their customers back in service.

“It's tedious work when you get down to working in a lot of backyards,” O’Shea said.

Fortunately for Heather, her lights came back on around 1:00 Monday afternoon.

OG&E says it may be another cold night or two before everyone's power is fully restored.

“My power went out too. It's frustrating. We certainly understand that. Our crews understand that. They want to get power back on to people,” O’Shea said.

If you notice your neighborhood has power, but you still don't, OG&E says it may be a problem at your meter or with the line going directly to your home.

Those problems will require you hiring an electrician to repair and restore power to your home.