Newborn baby found ‘buried alive’ under asphalt, rubble

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COMPTON, Calif. – Evangelina McCrary and Angelica Blount say it was a normal Friday afternoon when all of a sudden a baby started crying.

The two women were walking along a bike path when they heard the baby’s cries.

They had no idea where the cries were coming from, so they found others to help.

Angel Flores, a nearby resident, said he was approached by two women who told him that they heard cries while walking in the area. One of the women initially thought the sound was being made by a cat.

“The other one said, ‘No, it sounds like a baby crying,'” Flores recounted. “She was very curious. She saw these pieces of wood and rocks on top of it. She removed them and she found a newborn baby.”

Authorities say the newborn girl was found buried under pieces of asphalt and rubble near the bike path.

Deputies wrapped her in a blanket because she was reportedly cold to the touch, according to KABC.

“If the child had spent the night there, in those conditions, the baby wouldn’t have survived,” Sgt. Marvin Jaramilla, with the sheriff’s office,  told KTLA.

They say the child was less than two-days-old when she was found.

Now, officials are searching for the child’s mother.

They say whoever abandoned the baby could face attempted murder and abandonment charges.