Oklahomans still without water, power days after ice storm

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CADDO COUNTY, Okla. -- The weekend ice storm is still leaving a mark on our state. One of the hardest hit areas is in Caddo County. Residents there have been without power for days.

In the normally quiet town of Bridgeport, Oklahoma, three distinct sounds were loud and clear.

Ice melting, ice breaking apart, and William Alexander's chainsaw.

"It's a mess," said Alexander.

He's cutting and clearing tree limbs carefully.

"The limbs are still breaking and all that. I'm kind of delirious when I'm sitting and cutting trees. I'm looking and seeing if I might get nailed by one of them," he said.

Bridgeport has been without power for two days, and that led to another problem the town's mayor has been dealing with all day.

"The power lines went down that went to our water wells, and we lost power to all three wells" said Roger McCain.

He says the wells are in the middle of a wheat field and hard to get to. But this evening, the mayor was able to get power to the wells with a generator.

Right now, he doesn't know how long it will take for work crews to solve the problem for good.

Just south of Bridgeport in Hinton, most of the towns business are closed.

Main Street was empty. Even getting gas proved to be a problem; no power, no pumps.

And now idea how long all this will last.

Caddo Electric says it has 30 contract crews working on lines, and four electric co-ops providing help.  They estimate 800 of their power polls were damaged during the ice storm.