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“The line came down with it and a ball of fire,” Power outage causes electrical fire

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CASHION, Okla. -- Mark Beutler was at his mom’s house in Cashion as he nervously watched the power line across the street growing heavy under the weight of tree limbs and ice.

He says he saw the line coming down.

“The limbs came down, the line came down with it and a ball of fire,” said Beutler.

Beutel says he saw the ball of fire travel down the power line to the OG&E meter on his mom’s house.

“So I ran into the kitchen and my mom was standing here and the TV was just up in flames.  There was just smoke billowing out of the back of it,” said Beutler.

Beutler also says a loud noise came from the furnace and smoke was pouring from the eaves.

He managed to get his 83-year-old mother out of the house in time.

The house looks fine, but an electrician told them all the wiring is likely fried and the appliances will need to be replaced.

“Typically, in Cashion, they will always lose power out here.  But you’re not prepared for a fire,” said Beutler.

Down the road in Crescent, many residents are still without power, as well.

“One night turned to two, then three and now four, so it’s horrible,” said Warren Singer.

Singer’s family is going on night #5 with no electricity in Crescent.

The gas burners on the stove are running non-stop to heat the home. Candles and lanters are providing light. And a battery powered radio is providing the entertainment.

They are ready to have the power back.

“Please, please please please, yes, let’s get it on,” said Singer.

His neighbor, Denise Songer, spent two nights in the cold at her house and then decided to stay with her mom.

She came back home just long enough to feed her cats and put up some curtains to shelter them on the back porch.

“I’m just more worried about my animals. I think more than anything trying to, you know, make sure they’re fed and everything,” said Songer.

Crews were working late into the evening in Crescent trying to restore power to the remaining homes without there.

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