Taft Stadium neighbors sound off about false alarms: “The noise is torture”

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- First, it was the crackle of building ice, then the snap of icy trees and eventually, the drip of melting rainwater.

For most Oklahomans, that was the soundtrack of the Thanksgiving Weekend.

But a few families in northwest OKC endured two solid days of blaring fire alarms, courtesy of Taft Stadium.

There was no soccer game on the schedule.

However, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, the fire alarm sounded.

"It hurt my ears," said Fong Jordan, who lives right behind Taft Stadium. "It just (kept) buzzing buzzing buzzing."

"It's really loud," said neighbor Doran Welch.

The families who live behind Taft Stadium are worn slick.

"Just the noise," said Casey Smith. "It's torture. Forty-eight hours of torture."

The sirens at Taft sounded for 48 hours straight.

"Forty-eight hours in a row," Smith said. "No stopping. I haven't slept at all. I'm a mess."

All day. All night. Most of the families who live nearby did not sleep Thanksgiving Weekend.

Taft Stadium is the home of the OKC Energy FC. The stadium is owned by Oklahoma City Public Schools.

According to the district, the problem started when the power went off.

The district told NewsChannel 4 that they were notified about the alarms, and administrators went to the stadium to help.

But, the on-site construction company, Silver Cliff Construction, was the only one with the code to disable the alarm. And they couldn't be reached all weekend.

Neighbors called 911 and fire dispatch for help, but no one had the code to disable the deafening alarms.

Neighbors say the fire alarms at Taft have gone off several times in the past few months since the construction company installed a new alarm system.

Silver Cliff Construction tells NewsChannel 4 they are aware of the shortcoming.

From now on, Silver Cliff says they will be quick to attend to the alarm.

A number for the company is listed on the gate, (405)587-0142.

Oklahoma City Police confirm they had several 911 calls from the neighborhood near Taft.

A police spokesperson said OKC city ordinances allow officers to cite businesses for excessive false alarms when negligence is involved.

The department is looking into the recent problem at Taft Stadium.