Two more women testify against former police officer

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- As the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw enters its fifth week, twelve accusers have been called as witnesses. Monday's testimony focused on the 11th and 12th accusers.

The first woman testified that in the summer of last year, Holtzclaw groped her breasts over her shirt, then stuck his hands in the woman's pants and underwear during a traffic stop.

She explained to the jury she immediately called her roommate following the alleged assault, and left an upset voicemail describing what happened.

Jury members were shown phone records, showing the woman did, in fact, make a phone call. However the voicemail could not be recovered, with the roommate explaining he had deleted it.

The second accuser on the stand testified she was stopped by Holtzclaw while walking late one night in the summer of 2014.

She explained to the jury that despite her saying "no," Holtzclaw insisted on giving the woman a ride after the stop. During this trip, the woman says Holtzclaw hopped a curb, parked outside a nearby school, raped her, and had her perform oral sex in and outside of his patrol car.

Earlier in this trial, another accuser testified she was raped outside of the same abandoned school building.

The woman's boyfriend would follow on the stand. He told the jury his distraught girlfriend called immediately after the traffic stop, crying on the phone.

Despite her boyfriend's urges to report the assault, the woman refused to call police.

This alleged assault took place the same night another woman claimed she had inappropriate contact with Holtzclaw.

Defense Attorney Scott Adams pointed out inconsistencies in the woman's story, how it had seemingly changed since previous court appearances. Initially, the woman claimed Holtzclaw had partially pulled his pants down during the assault. But during Monday's testimony, she said Holtzclaw kept his pants and gun-belt on, only undoing hisĀ pantĀ zipper.

Adams also discussed how the woman reported the assault to her probation officer, only after news of the Holtzclaw investigation had been aired by the local media.

To date, 12 of 13 accusers have taken the stand. Testimony will continue on Tuesday, Dec. 1.