Oklahoma Watches and Warnings

We found a little man in a red cap making toys in his workshop and didn’t have to go to the North Pole

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA --He was one of those kids who used to unwrap his Christmas presents and then keep working until whatever it was lay in pieces on the floor.

Rudy Peairson chuckles and says, "I wanted to see how it worked."

A visitor to his tiny workshop then adds, "But you probably knew how to put it back together."

"Sure," he says.

But that need to tinker with things stayed.

He's a hotel maintenance man by day but in his spare time Rudy puts new things together from stuff most people are ready to toss in the trash.

"Transformers, picture tubes," he lists.

Peairson takes the guts from circuit boards and machinery.

Then he stashes them inside old cigar boxes he buys on the cheap from local tobacconists.

"I buy them for a few dollars a piece," says Peairson.

The wooden items make excellent speaker boxes.

The electronics work like they should.

When he's done you've got yourself a 'steam punk' inspired radio.

Rudy says, "That's the whole idea behind steam punk is taking something old and making something new out of it."

The idea came to him when he saw a guitar make from a cigar box.

Rudy now has lots of them to work with, so many that he started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new workshop, something larger than the window unit table set up in his one bedroom apartment.

"That's definitely something I'll have in the future," he says.

For now though, he's as close as we can find to an elf making toys in a workshop.

Rudy Peairson may be a little man in a red cap making cool stuff in his apartment, but the same idea applies when the result might end up under the tree at Christmas.

Rudy fills orders for his 'steam punk' radios from a page on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/peairsonaudio

He also gave his phone number to pass along (405) 219-5705.

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