Woman develops life-threatening infection from wearing hair-ties around her wrist

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Many girls like to keep a supply of hair-ties at arm’s reach, but one woman says that hair-tie sent her to the hospital.

Audree Kopp always wore a hair-tie around her wrist for convenience until she noticed a bump growing on her wrist.

“I didn’t believe it at first,” Kopp told CBS Philly. “I thought that it was a spider bite, or something else, not from wearing hair-ties.”

Her doctor prescribed her some antibiotics, but the bump simply got bigger and redder.

At that point, she decided to head to the emergency room.

“They said I needed surgery,” she said. “Thank God I caught it in time or I could have had sepsis.”

Dr. Amit Gupta says bacteria from the hair-tie got under Kopp’s skin through her pores and hair follicles, which resulted in an infection.

“It could have been a whole different ball game,” said Kopp. “Once it gets into your bloodstream, people have been known to go into a coma, your body shuts down. It could have been worse.”

Doctors say you should make sure the bands aren’t too tight around your wrist, wash them if you can and don’t leave them there for long periods of time.

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