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Former minister sets up make-shift grocery store for those in need

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It was really very simple.

Butch Ward saw other residents in The Senior Cottages in Norman struggle as their social security checks failed to cover the whole month.

As a former minister, he was bothered by anyone going hungry.

"There are a lot of little ladies here that run out of money before they run out of month," Ward said.

So, he found a solution.

Ward began driving to grocery stores and asking for their almost expired - but still good - produce, bakery items and dairy products.

He set up a make-shift grocery store of sorts in a garage, donated by the management of The Senior Cottages.

The price on the food fits the budgets of those in need.

It's free.

Ward opens up shop Monday through Friday to feed those who would otherwise go without.

Brenda Etter nominated him for Pay it 4Ward

"It's pretty much a steady stream for two hours of people coming in," Etter said. "Nobody is greedy. We only take what we need."

First Fidelity's Matt Robinson joined Linda Cavanaugh to surprise Ward.

Watch his reaction in the video and see who he credits for the success.