“I’m fully confident justice will be served,” Day three in Holtzclaw jury deliberation

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OKLAHOMA CITY- Day three, and no decision yet.

The jury deliberating the fate of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is still at it Wednesday night.

There are folks who are waiting for the decision, but we talked to them, and they told us they don't mind if the jury takes their time.

"It's a little tedious. I'm hoping and praying that the reason for the delay is because they're being very thorough and considering each act," said T Isheria Dickerson, a supporter.

It's well over 50 hours now, since the jury got the case to decide the fate of Holtzclaw, charged with 36 counts of sexual assault.

"I believe the jury are not looking at this in a vacuum but one individual case at a time," said Derrick Scobey, another supporter.

We do know attorneys have been in and out of the judge's chambers answering questions for the jury.

You'll remember state attorneys took the jury on a tour of northeast Oklahoma City.

The jury requested to do the same thing but, at night, and that request was denied by the judge.

"I'm fully confident justice will be served," Scobey said. "He will be found guilty."

"We believe them, we support them and we encourage them," Dickerson said.

Supporters of victims holding onto hope for what they call justice.

"I'm 100 percent confident that he will be guilty, never questioned it," Scobey said. "You have too much evidence."

"We are here protesting on your behalf and saying we support your case," Dickerson said.

The jury was released around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

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