Family concerned after receiving strange package

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CARY, N.C. – You’ve probably noticed that post office employees and delivery drivers are busy trying to keep up with demand this holiday season.

It seems like almost everyone has ordered something online, hoping it will arrive before Christmas.

One North Carolina family ordered a pair of earrings, but when their package arrived, they got an unexpected surprise.

The family told WTVD a very large box was delivered to their home.

Inside the box was a pair of earrings along with gallon-sized Ziploc bags stuffed with garbage, three empty iPhone 6 boxes, an extra battery, a few Apple earbuds and the butt of a used cigarette.

“I saw the iPhone cases inside and the ripped up packages and I knew that something big was going on,” the family told WTVD. “Probably, criminal activity.”

Police say they have not heard of an incident like this in the past, but the family says they believe they know what happened.

“It looks like someone had this planned,” she said. “That they had clear Ziploc bags where they were going to hide the evidence and stuffed it in a large box.”

However, they still aren’t sure why it ended up at their home.

UPS says the company’s security unit is looking into the case.

“It bothered us because we knew people weren’t receiving their iPhones,” the mother said. “I thought this is a pretty big crime. It doesn’t look like a one-time thing. I would think someone has seen this happen before.”


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