What were Oklahomans Googling in 2015? The year-end list is out, beloved KFOR sportscaster ranks #3

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The most searched items on Google in Oklahoma for 2015 has some interesting results.

See if you searched any of these topics, events or people over the last year.

We lost our beloved sports director, Bob Barry, Jr., in 2015 in a car accident. We miss him daily. We know Oklahomans and those outside the Sooner State loved and respected him, too.

“It’s no surprise that Bob Barry Jr. is listed as one of the most searched names on Google in Oklahoma City this year," said Andrew Silvestri, Google Public Affairs Manager. "He was beloved by this community, and his legacy will live not only on the Internet but in the hearts and minds of our city’s sports fans.”

Top Trending Searches  Top Trending News/Events
1. Lamar Odom 1. Oil Prices
2. Bobbi Kristina Brown 2. Paris
3. Bob Barry, Jr. 3. NWS Norman
4. Jurassic World 4. Mayweather vs Pacquiao
5. American Sniper 5. Lake Hefner water level
6. Ronda Rousey 6. OKC Dodgers
7. Caitlyn Jenner 7. NCAA Football ranking
8. Chris Kyle 8. Blood Moon
9. Oil Prices 9. OG&E power outage
10. Josh Duggar 10. Main Event OKC
Top Trending People  Top Trending Films
1. Lamar Odom 1. Jurassic World
2. Bobbi Kristina Brown 2. American Sniper
3. Bob Barry, Jr. 3. Straight Outta Compton
4. Ronda Rousey 4. 50 Shades of Grey
5. Caitlyn Jenner 5. Pitch Perfect 2
6. Chris Kyle 6. War Room
7. Josh Duggar 7. Avengers Age of Ultron
8. Ruby Rose 8. Mad Max Fury Road
9. Baker Mayfield 9. Furious 7
10. Stuart Scott 10. The Martian


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