Oklahoma lawmakers upset about plans for ‘festivus pole’ at state capitol

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A Florida man plans to display a gay-pride themed 'festivus pole' at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Christmas eve.

It's similar to the rainbow striped, disco ball topped one at the Georgia State Capitol.


Festivus is a fictitious holiday highlighted during a 'Seinfeld' episode that aired during the 90's.

The display has been given the go ahead by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services and will be allowed to be placed in the rotunda of the capitol.

Several Oklahoma lawmakers aired their "grievances" and released a statement calling the decision "a slap in the face of every Christian in Oklahoma."

"We take the 10 Commandments down, but we can put up this? That's a mockery of Christmas. How can we do that?" said Bob Cleveland, House District 20. "The 10 Commandments was a little different. That was a Supreme Court decision. I don't have a problem if these guys want to put that at the capitol. My problem is doing it at Christmas time.

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