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Custer County sheriff says no 911 calls were made for shooting spree along I-40

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OKLAHOMA - The accused gunman, Jeremy Doss Hardy, is still behind bars awaiting charges as communities in western Oklahoma grieve the loss of two residents.

Hardy is accused of shooting at vehicles along westbound I-40 early Thursday  morning.

He was eventually arrested on a DUI complaint in Custer County.

Jeffrey Kent Powell and Billie Jean West were caught up in the gunfire. .

Powell was a husband and father of two from Arapaho.

West was a 63-year-old grandmother from Erick, Oklahoma.

Hardy's arraignment was rescheduled for Monday  at 1:30 p.m.

Investigators want to make sure they're thorough in gathering any and all information.

"Early in the situation, the primary responsibility was of the OSBI would be handling the investigation of the scenes where the two fatalities were involved," said Custer County Sheriff Bruce Peoples.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol are investigating all other cars that were shot at during Hardy's alleged road rage shooting spree along I-40.

"Today, the highway patrol has expanded their investigation to gathering evidence, attempting to locate videos that might have been in businesses along this route," Peoples said.

Peoples said it's been difficult trying to gather a timeline.

They had no 911 calls into their agency.

"Most of the stuff was *55 calls that went directly to Oklahoma Highway Patrol headquarters," Peoples said. "When we looked into it, I didn't find any 911 calls that came in on that to any of our agencies here to Custer County."

The community is shaken up after two of their own were killed.

"That's about what it is: it's crazy, stupid people," said a resident, Phillip Jim.

Others are holding onto faith knowing anyone could've been a victim.

"We never know what's going to happen," said Blas Perez, another resident. "It's just on the road and just have to be ready and ask God to protect us."

Investigators said there's a possibility there could be other trucks that were shot at without them realizing until later.

If anyone has any information, contact OSBI.

Hardy is expected to be arraigned Monday at 1:30 p.m.

The DA is also expected to file charges then.