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Grady County targeted by Publishers Clearing House scam

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA - It seems those infamous big checks are headed to Grady County. Or, at least, that's what some would like you to believe.

"We have had several people come in, mainly elderly folks, saying they've been getting a call from Publishers Clearing House," said Undersheriff Rusty Pyle with the Grady County Sheriff's Office.

Every phone call is alike. The person has won $1.1 million and a brand new Mercedes Benz.

But, where's the door knock? What about the giant check?

"As we all know from watching it on television, Publishers Clearing House shows up at your door with a giant check," Pyle said. "They don't call you on your phone and tell you that you've won."

To claim these fantastic prizes, the person is asked to simply turn over their bank account information - a clear scam, with phone numbers that point toward Jamaica.

The problem is there's no real way to find the origin of these numbers.

Officials said the scammers can use a system where they call from one phone, which then will go through another number, and so on.

By the time a number shows up on your phone, the call could be coming from anywhere.

Despite several similar phone calls in Grady County this week, luckily no-one has reported fallen victim yet.

Authorities urge everyone to keep their wits about them this holiday season and, if they receive a suspicious call, jot down the number and hang up.

"Call the authorities, give them the number," Pyle said. "I would also contact the Attorney General's office."