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Search for ‘person of interest’ in Blaine County murder continues

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OKLAHOMA - The search continues for a man considered to be a danger to the public.

For over two months, law enforcement agencies have been searching for 23-year-old Christopher Blake Scruggs.

He is accused of nearly beating a man to death and is a person of interest in a Blaine County murder.

Officers said he could still be in Oklahoma or may have left the state.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office said people call in frequently saying they have spotted him in the area but, so far, those tips have not led deputies to Scruggs.

Many are desperate to find him, because locating him could mean answers for a family mourning the death of their loved one.

The lights are not shining as bright for the Massey’s this holiday season.

It is the first Christmas they will have to spend without Caylee.

“As we're putting up Christmas trees and unwrapping presents, this is the first year I'm not wrapping one for Caylee," said her sister, Courtney. "It's really hard."

The 18-year-old was shot and killed in Blaine County back in October.

A witness told investigators a hitchhiker was responsible for her death.

“We won't have closure until they can tell us who did it, why they did it and they are punished,” Courtney said.

OSBI agents want to talk to Scruggs about the murder.

He is also wanted in Logan County for allegedly beating a man with a firearm.

Law enforcement officials said Scruggs is one of the most dangerous individuals they have ever dealt with.

"He's committed several violent acts in his history, including mutilation of animals," said Sgt. Greg Velincia with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

While investigators continue to search for Scruggs, Caylee’s family is remembering her big heart and sweet smile.

"I think I'd rather just give her a hug and probably wouldn't let her go," Courtney said.

Scruggs has a distinctive tattoo of a Browning Firearms emblem.

If you come in contact with him, officers said do not approach him, instead, call 911.