Hearts for the Homeless gives donations, smiles to those in need this holiday season

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Hearts for the Homeless is on a mission to help those in need this holiday season.

The group started out by putting together 200 sack lunches down in Moore. Then they loaded up their cars and toted the food to Oklahoma City.

They set up boxes of donations, including blankets, coats, clothing, and set them in a field across from the City's Rescue Mission.

Dozens of homeless people descended on the boxes, getting all kinds of things to keep them warm, as well as the sack lunches.

Hearts for the Homeless started out as a group of friends that evolved into a company that just formed about three months ago. They say this is their second time to go downtown and give donations to the homeless in Oklahoma City.

The head of Hearts for the Homeless says it's especially important this time of year.

"It's more important right now, because again, with them not having anything, this will give them something, some kind of hope and just put a smile on someone's face in a time that's usually sad for them because it's the holidays and they don't have anything to celebrate. So hopefully this will give them something," Kari Bredeson said.

The group was also able to give away a bag of toys to a grandmother who is homeless and happens to be raising her granddaughter.