4-year-old boy killed in fire at home with a deadly past

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4-Year-Old Boy Dies At Site Where 9 Died In Blaze Decades Ago

WESTPORT, Mass. – A family in Massachusetts is in anguish after a late night fire claimed the life of a 4-year-old boy.

Investigators say Melody, her daughter Bella and 4-year-old Caleb Nordarillo were inside the home Saturday night when the fire started.

Melody and Bella were barely able to escape the flames.

“Melody was screaming he was still inside and she was burned from head to toe,” Bethany, a neighbor, said.

At that point, Bethany’s 17-year-old brother ran into the burning home to save Caleb.

“The smoke was getting him too much and he jumped out of Caleb’s window,” Bethany said.

Firefighters found the little boy’s body curled up underneath his bed, according to WBZ.

His mother and sister were rushed to a nearby hospital with severe burns.

Police say the family’s home is the site of another fire that claimed the lives of nine members of the Audette family in 1952.

“It was real tragedy in every paper around the country. It’s hard to believe the same thing could happen, same time of year,” said neighbor Jerry Grondin.

The State Fire Marshall’s office is investigating the blaze.

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