Carol wants to be veterinarian to “help all of the animals in the sea”

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Carol is gregarious, and her playful personality will make you smile. She was an absolute delight to spend the day with.

For an adventurous girl, we chose an activity she's never tried - ice skating.

"Can you give me a seven size?" Carol asked.

Carol is 15 and lives at a group home. She's been with DHS for almost five years.

We took her to the Devon ice rink for a day of play. It was Carol's first time doing any type of skating.

"Oh, flip! I'm about to fall," Carol said. "How do you stop this? Like that?" Carol asked.

It took about one go-around for her to feel comfortable on the ice.

Carol's development disabilities have hampered the learning process. In spite of that, she has a heart of gold and a big personality.

She says animals are her favorite thing ever. She's hoping to find a family that loves pets too.

“When I grow up to be a vet, guess what I'm going to do?” Carol asked. "Help all of the animals in the sea. Every single one. In the seas, in the oceans, in the arctic land."

You might be able to guess her favorite movie.

"Free Willy!" Carol exclaimed.

This teen needs a family to nurture her special needs.

In return, they'll get a loving child longing for a place to call home.

"I want to be adopted every day, and I want to have a nice family, and I'd really like to have little kids at the home too," Carol said.

If you want to adopt Carol, call 405-767-2955.

Click here for more information on adopting a child.

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