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Don’t be a target, protect yourself from Scrooges of the season

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Bells ringing, sitting on Santa's lap and shopping for those last minute gifts for under the tree.

It's what Christmas is all about but, unfortunately, you have to worry about Scrooges taking from unsuspecting shoppers.

"Well, we're coming together for one thing, and we're situationally aware. We're just aware of our surroundings at all times,”said Dawn Little, a shopper.

"I was getting out of my car, and I was looking around to see if there were any bags or anything that might be showing," said Ava Morton.

These women are doing the right thing, according to local law enforcement that see more crime this time of year.

"We do see a lot of people carrying a lot of packages, and it makes them move slowly,” said Major Robert Cornelison with the Midwest City Police Department. "It makes them a target. That's kind of a big deal."

Technology can be a help and an issue.

Having a cell phone handy can help in time of need, but it can also be a distraction.

"It's difficult to pay attention to who and what's around you, if you're on the phone,” Cornelison said.

Keep these in mind when you're out doing last minute holiday shopping:

  • Secure presents in trunk, out of view.
  • Shop in pairs.
  • Tell the store if you see a suspicious package.

Ava Morton is a prime example of what to do to protect you from a dangerous situation.

"I always take my keys out of my purse, and I have them in my hand, and I have my finger close to the panic button," Morton said.

"People should have a plan," Cornelison said. "Remember where you're parked when you're getting out of your car. Look for a landmark, so you can get directly back to your car."

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