“We would love to see you!” Police seek the owner of trunk with illegal junk

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OKLAHOMA - A mystery for Minco Police, after someone turns in a trunk filled with interesting items.

Now, police are hoping the owner of the trunk claims their loot, which includes a car part, wrestling shoes, a number of clothing items - and a pound of marijuana.

The drugs were found packed inside a plastic jug, and it's more weed than Minco police have seen in some time.

"Found approximately one pound of marijuana inside the tub," said Chief Brian Hau with Minco Police. "We've [found] a few grams and ounces and what have you, but we've never, since I've been chief, had a pound of marijuana."

Authorities have since turned to Facebook, trying to find the tripped out trunk's owner.

If the owner of the marijuana comes forward, it seems Minco police will be waiting with open arms.

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