Eighteen pounds of cocaine discovered during Garvin County traffic stop

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OKLAHOMA - Detectives made a major cocaine bust during a traffic stop on I-35 in Garvin County recently.

 On Dec. 17th, the District 21 Drug Task Force and K-9 Kilo sniffed out 18 pounds of cocaine and about $4,800 in cash in a hidden compartment.

 The drugs have a street value of an estimated $320,000.

 The people in the car, 46-year-old Norberto Cruz and 44-year-old Claridania Acosta, were hauled off to jail.

 Assistant District Attorney Corey Miner is applauding the detectives who got the drugs off the streets.

"Typically, drugs go north and money goes south and, so, this was an important seizure. Eighteen pounds of cocaine is a large amount of cocaine, and it will not get to its destination, in which helps those people that will not buy it and it hurts the people that our pumping those drugs into our state," Miner said.

 Miner said this is a good example of civil forfeiture, a hot button issue in Oklahoma.

 He said the money seized will likely be used to buy the task force new equipment.

 Cruz is in jail on a $250,000 bond.

Acosta is in jail on a $100,000 bond.

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