Parishioners see image of Christ in tree cut down outside church

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Some people at a Modesto church believe the image of a cross is appearing in the wood of a pine tree. KCRA’s Linda Mumma reports.

MODESTO, Calif. – A drought-stricken pine tree that had to be cut down is now giving new life to a church in California.

The tree resided next to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and is believed to be about 39-years-old.

As it was cut down, many people are seeing a spiritual image on the trunk.

Some people see the image of a cross inside and others see Christ on the cross.

Either way, church leaders tell KCRA the tree is sending a message.

Five years ago, the congregation became largely divided and many parishioners formed their own church.

Now, they hope the image will draw some residents back to the church.

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