Thief crashes Christmas party at local volunteer fire department, steals medical supplies from ambulance

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OKLAHOMA - A brazen thief stole from an ambulance at a small metro fire department.

It happened while the volunteer firefighters were hosting a Christmas party for kids in the community.

The crime was caught on surveillance camera.

While fire trucks were coming down the street with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus for the big party at the fire department, a thief jumped through the side door of the ambulance and got away with a bag full of medical supplies worth about $2,000.

Firefighters in Cashion are frustrated because a Scrooge showed up at their Christmas party.

There are about twenty volunteer firefighters in Cashion, and they wanted to celebrate the holiday for the community they serve.

“Santa and Mrs. Claus got in the sleigh and came here to the big town of Cashion, and we put them in the firetruck," said Fire Department spokesperson Trent Gibson. "We had people email us if they wanted Santa to stop by their house, so we go by and picked up their wish lists."

They were gone for about an hour.

Surveillance video shows the fire truck lights in the background, as a thief jumps in the side door around 8:30 p.m. Monday.

Just feet away, kids were running into the firehouse with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

No one had any idea a thief had crashed their party and taken something so valuable.

“If we'd had a call that night and needed the things that were in it, that bag was no longer there," Gibson said. "So, now, that care to that person would've been delayed, or we wouldn't have been able to provide the care."

But, the thief didn’t stay away for long.

Surveillance footage shows the same man on the property for about two hours, getting inside the ambulance again.

But, his plan to steal anything was foiled when a paramedic started driving to move the ambulance to another parking spot.

The thief jumped out while the ambulance was moving and left empty-handed.

Taxpayers will foot the bill to replace the bag.

They only have one other one.

For firefighters, they’re not just concerned about what was lost.

They’re concerned for their community because, if a thief is bold enough to steal from first-responders, they said he’s probably bold enough to steal from someone’s home.

“We want our people in the town of Cashion, the people that we serve to stay safe,” Gibson said.

Cashion firefighters are all chipping in for a reward for anyone who helps lead them to the thief.

If you recognize the man in the video, call Cashion police.

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