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Veterans, military members use hashtag to stand up for Muslim girl afraid of Donald Trump

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UNITED STATES — An Army veteran has asked fellow military vets and active duty members to help prove to young Muslim children that they will not be harmed by American militants.

Melissa Chance Yassini posted to her Facebook that her 8-year-old daughter is overwhelmingly frightened by the thought of being taken from her home by American military.

“Sad day in America when I have to comfort my 8 year old child who heard that someone with yellow hair named Trump wanted to kick all Muslims out of America. She has began collecting all her favorite things in a bag in case the army came to remove us from our homes. She checked the locks on the door 3-4 times. This is terrorist. No child in America deserves to feel that way,” Yassini’s post reads.

Army veteran Kerri Peek has called to end the fear for any Muslim children in America.

“I want these precious babies to know that we will not come and grab them out of their homes and hurt them and their families,” Peek wrote. “They are afraid of us!! We are the force that stands between precious children and the bad guys. So let’s start a hashtag campaign.”

Thus, #IWillProtectYou came about.

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