Edmond animal shelter rattled by large earthquake

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EDMOND, Okla - Edmond's Animal Welfare complex was at the epicenter of Tuesday morning's 4.3 earthquake.

No person was there at the time.

Kenny Stevenson arrived minutes after the quake to hysterical cats and dogs.

"You can tell, by some of the stuff on the walls, they were freaked out, because the dog is normally clean in its kennel - it wasn't this morning. A direct result of the 4.3," Stevenson said. "Shake, rattle and roll for the dogs this morning. It woke them up."

The earthquake rattled the building around 5:40 a.m., sending tiles and light fixtures crashing down on top of cages.

They've felt quakes here before but nothing quite like this.

Cracked cinder block walls, toppled shelves filled with pet supplies, even the fire extinguishers were rattled off the walls.

"It the ground, and I guess hit the trigger," Stevenson said. "And, it shot until it emptied."

Maintenance crews will be there all day cleaning up the mess and repairing all the damage.

"The light fixtures with power still attached to them, they want to get those back up in there, because they had live wires and power going to it," Stevenson said.

While the destruction was wide spread, Edmond city officials said it could have been considerably worse.

Thankfully, none of the animals were injured by Mother Nature's abrupt wake up call.

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