Teen passionate about church, caring for others is looking for a home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - William is an avid church goer who loves movies, video games and seafood.

The 15-year-old isn't shy but says he does prefer to stay indoors.

"I like to sleep. I like to eat. I like to read. I like to play video games," he said. "I'll play soccer, but that's the closest thing l will get to a sport."

But, he is passionate about church and caring for others.

William says he's not a trouble maker, and those who know him best say he puts a positive spin on everything.

"Funny, somewhat happy."

William likes to have fun, so he's always up for trying something new.

"Would you say you'd try anything?" NewsChannel 4's Lacey Lett asked.

"Depends on what the thing is," he responded.

"Bungee jumping," Lett said.

"I'll try that," he replied.

William has been under the care of DHS since he was 10-years-old.

He wants a strong male role model to help him continue into adulthood.

He's hoping to live in a busy community, if he finds a home.

With or without a family, William is adamant about continuing his education after high school.

"I'm doing that no matter what," he said, referring to college.

However, he says he would love to have parents guiding him through life.

"Everybody needs one," he said.

If you want to adopt William, call 405-767-2955.

Visit the DHS website for more information on adopting a child.