Oklahoma City police officer goes above and beyond for scared elderly woman

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A winter storm moved through the Sooner State over the weekend, leaving thousands of Oklahomans without power.

Before the power outages, Ms. Ross, an 80-year-old woman who lives alone, called the Oklahoma City Police Department.

She told the officer who received the call that she was worried about what would happen if she lost power.

Sgt. Wilner LaGuerre decided to go to Ms. Ross' home to make sure she was ok.

Sgt. LaGuerre talked with the woman and tried to reassure her that she would be ok until the power returned.

However, the woman was still upset and concerned that her cordless phone would not work during the power outage.

Ms. Ross was nervous she wouldn't be able to call for help if the power were to go out.

Sgt. LaGuerre then went to a local store and bought the woman a land-line phone she could use in case of a power outage.

He even brought the woman a working flashlight, candles and matches.

We are so grateful to have men like Sgt. LaGuerre serving the Oklahoma City community.