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Faith and football: Why Clemson was Dabo Swinney’s calling

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MIAMI, Fla. - Dabo Swinney says he can remember the exact moment he knew he was meant to go coach at Clemson.

During a news conference on Wednesday, the Clemson head coach said that a parking spot with No. 88 written on it gave him the sign he was looking for while at the school.

Swinney said the headlights on his car shined a light on that parking spot number and he immediately knew what it meant.

No. 88 was his jersey number, which made him feel as if God was telling him that this was where he belonged.

During the news conference, Swinney was asked if he would allow players of other faiths to join Clemson's program.

"My job is to win football games. We're always going to recruit and play the best football players. That's an easy question. We don't play the best Christians. I've said that many times. If we were playing the best Christians, I wouldn't be sitting here, I can guarantee you that. I just know how I'm called to live my life. I try to be consistent with that. Be who you are, whatever you are. I've coached a bunch of atheists I'm sure. Along the way, a ton," Swinney said.

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