Surgeon comforts, watches cartoons with 2-year-old before cardiac surgery

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Undergoing surgery can be a scary experience, especially for a two-year-old.

Wearing an over-sized gown, the young girl’s eyes filled with tears in the operating room right before her cardiac surgery.

Luckily, the patient’s surgeon was exceptionally comforting.

Doctor Shi Zhuo sat her in his lap, put his arms around her and began watching cartoons on his phone.

As the cartoons played, the girl’s crying soon came to a stop.

CCTV posted photos of the kindhearted moment taken in a Zhejiang hospital on Facebook, and they went viral with nearly 15,000 shares.

“Shi has a six-year-old daughter, and he showed the girl his daughter’s favorite videos,” the post said. “She was totally attracted by the funny figures in the videos. The warm scene was captured by anesthetist Jin Ziying.”

The doctor didn’t think he did anything out of the ordinary.

“In the operating room, medical staff usually soothes patients with hugs, expressions and words,” he said. “It’s very normal – seeing this kind of scene.”

But, many thought otherwise, saying he went above and beyond his job description.

“He looks like he’s holding his daughter and treated his patient like his own child,” the post said.

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