SWAT team recovers loaded guns, drugs at Guthrie apartment

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OKLAHOMA - Loaded guns and drugs were recovered during a Guthrie SWAT bust Tuesday.

Police said they were led to the home after interviewing a burglary suspect.

When they looked through his phone, police said they found messages talking about stolen property, guns and drugs.

Those texts led them to an apartment on North Pine Street.

People who live there were startled when, out of the blue, SWAT team officers swarmed the place.

"Two SWAT team members hopped out with AR-15s, told us to get back inside," said Scott Beebe. "The instant thing we did was threw our hands up and walked back inside and, about three seconds later, 20 other cops showed up."

Residents said officers rushed to their neighbor’s door and went inside.

"They were here for two hours. We were stuck in our house. We couldn't leave," Beebe said. "I got a little one inside, so I was a little freaked out.”

When the SWAT team finally left, they took with them in handcuffs two juveniles, along with 18-year-old Jacob Elledge and 19-year-old Alyssa Schmersey.

According to an arrest affidavit, Elledge is accused of selling weed called “blue dream” and buying stolen property, including a sawed off shotgun.

"We didn't know anything about guns being next door until the cops told us, so it was bad," Beebe said.

Police said a one-year-old at the apartment was taken into DHS custody.

At last check, Elledge and Schmersey were still in jail.

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