An Oklahoma High School band finally makes it to London to take part in New Year’s Day parade after weather delays

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LONDON- After weather delays and equipment checks, members of the Southmoore High School band arrived in England to take part in the 2016 London New Year’s Day Parade.

The group waited for hours to get on planes because they were flying out during the big after-Christmas winter storm that left many stranded. However, all of the band members have arrived and are taking in the sites as well as doing performances prior to the big parade.

“It was unfortunate. But our whole group is here now, and everyone has their luggage. SHS just has a great group of directors and a great parent organization that works hard to make sure the kids have the best possible experiences, especially this once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Colleen McIntyre who has a son in the band and made the trip with the group.

The annual parade is slated to have 10,000 performers from around the world.

The Stillwater High School String Orchestra also made the trip across the pond to take part in the International Choral Festival and New Year’s Day parade events.