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Better Business Bureau recently launched their Scam Tracker tool to help consumers find and track scams in their area. Kitt Letcher with Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma is here with us to discuss how their Scam Tracker can assist Oklahomans.


What exactly is the BBB Scam Tracker?

  • Free, online searchable database with map of all scams reported to BBB.
  • Reports scams in real time.
  • Shows geographically where scams are reported, and shows trends.
  • Designed to give consumers access to quicker, better info.


How can Oklahomans use the tool to protect themselves?

  • Can search by type of scam, geographic location or amount of money lost.
  • Can report scams, even if not directly affected.
  • As more people report scams, more trends will appear.
  • Can check on geographic location before heading to destination.


How is the Scam Tracker being used to help catch scammers?

  • BBB working with law enforcement to stop scammers.
  • Scammers are nimble and hone scams over time.
  • With new technology, we’ll be able to track and stop them.
  • BBB can monitor for scam trends and send warnings to alert a particular population.


On-screen bullet points

  • Free, online searchable database
  • Map of all scams reported to BBB
  • Use to search for scams in your area
  • Can report scams


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